Today's guest is Rachel Strivelli. Rachel is a writer, celebrant of life, & spiritual coach. She believes that when we pause to look at ourselves with self-love and self-acceptance, our energy, our happiness, and our lives expand! She teaches men and women to cultivate self-love and manifest their desires by tuning into the natural world. She has been featured on sites like Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, Scary Mommy, and Positively Positive. She shares her writing and videos at


Rachel and I discuss:

  • Self-trust as part of the practice of being a whole human being
  • The trust required to make a choice
  • How trusting ourselves can be hardest when it means affecting someone else negatively
  • Finding balance with social media
  • Balancing science vs. emotions/intuition depending on the situation
  • Self-trust vs narcissism


You can find Rachel at:

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